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13 Rules for Good Blog Names

Good Blog Names

Good blog names stand out from the crowd, and the blogosphere gets more and more crowded every single day. It makes a lot of sense to come up with a great name right from the very beginning. Brand building is extremely important if you plan on monetizing your work later on. A good blog name determines the first impression your brand will make.

Good Blog NamesMany people rush the naming process, and they just end up shooting themselves in the foot. Who wants to change their blog name after you have started to build a following?

Another problem is simply not knowing the rules. Ignorance is bliss until they learn more about the online world and realize that they have a name that will not work long term.

Either way, picking the wrong name for your blog undermines the brand you are trying to build in the long run. It is time to think of yourself, and your blog as a brand so let’s build the foundation right from the beginning.

To aid you in your search to create good blog names I will give you 13 rules to follow:

Good Blog Names Rule #1: Keep it short

When it comes to good blog names the shorter the better. Depending on your niche, and the amount of competition, it might be more difficult to find a great short name, but the aim is to keep it as short as possible. I do not like names over 10 characters long, but that is not always possible.

Good Blog Names Rule #2: Make it memorable

In brand building, you need a name that is distinct and stands out. It has to be memorable. You don’t want people struggling to remember what your site is called when you are no longer around to remind them.

Good Blog Names Rule #3: Easy to spell

Don’t be too clever when coming up with you blog name. If you have to spend minutes explaining how to spell your blog name, you are barking up the wrong tree. Keep the name as simple as possible.  You want to be able to communicate your brand name as quickly as possible without having to go through difficult spelling instructions.

Good Blog Names Rule #4: Indicate the topic

The best names give you a clear idea to what the blog is about. The first time you see the name it makes you curious to click on the link because it seems to be exactly what you are looking for in the search results. Indicative names are like a little nudge for potential readers to click and visit the site.  A clever indicative name can be like a magnet for visitors.

Good indicative blog name examples:

Pinch of Yum
Pro Blogger

Good Blog Names Rule #5: Create a new word

The first major strategy for coming up with good blog names is to come up with an original word. follows this rule, along with sites like, or Corporette.  Use Bust A Name to combine words, word parts, and suffixes together to create new words. Another great tool is

Here is a list of suffixes that I use to feed into Bust A Name to combine with words I think work for the topic of my potential blog.  If it does not work at first, use a thesaurus to kind finding words that might be a good fit for your topic.

Good Blog Names Rule #6: Or use cool phrase

The second strategy for creating good blog names is to use a cool phrase that clearly shows what your site is all about. I love the blog name PInch of Yum. Another example of a good blog name is Venture Beat.

Good Blog Names Rule #7: Combine words

The third strategy that is popular for coming up with good blog names is to combine words that can create something really cool. TechCrunch is a great example, or Protein Pow.

I personally use Bust A Name as a tool to combine words to come up with these names also. Clickible is a product of this tool.

Good Blog Names Rule #8: No numbers!

Just don’t do it. I think this is just a lazy hack that people use when their preferred name is not available. Whenever I’ve thought the perfect name was already taken, I’ve always found something much better later on. Just keep experimenting until I find that perfect name. Numbers in your blog name take away from your brand quality.  Be a little more creative.

Good Blog Names Rule #9: No dashes!

Just like numbers, this is another hack that diminishes the quality of your brand. These types of hacks just seem like you are copying someone that has the same name already without the dashes. Focus on being creative, and finding something original.

Good Blog Names Rule #10: Alway pick a dot com!

Don’t even consider anything else. Do not pass dot com. Dot com is the only thing that says that your site is a brand. When you pick something else you are saying I could not get what I really wanted so I just tried to hack my way to the name. It just reminds people that someone else has the dot com. When people type in the name in the future, they will more than likely add a dot com at the end anyway, and end up on your competitor’s website.  Often they will forget that your site is not a dot com.

Good Blog Names Rule #11: Buy the dot net, and dot org as well

Brand building means brand protection. It sucks to build up your website over years, and then you find someone is copying your idea on the dot net, or the  They could start siphoning off some of your traffic, and it could get worse over the long term. Buy as many domain extensions as you can afford.  It is not that much more expensive so go ahead and register all of the domain extensions that you possibly can at the same time. If you can’t do it all at once, but the other ones as soon as you can.

Good Blog Names Rule #12: Are the social media usernames available?

I will not buy a blog name if I cannot get all of the matching social media usernames. Again, we are building brands, and nothing says brand more than having all of the social media ids match. I use NameCheckr to make sure that I can register all of the social media accounts to match my blog name.

Good Blog Names Rule #13: Register the name and social media

Hopefully, by now you have come up with a list of good blog names to choose from. You are going to have to whittle it down to the finalist and make your purchase.

My domain registrar of choice is NameCheap, but I know that GoDaddy is also popular. I used to use GoDaddy them, but not anymore.

The next thing you will need is hosting for your new blog. BlueHost, and HostMonster and two companies that are known for providing reliable hosting for startup blogs.

Good Blog Names: Summary

I always hear complaints about it being too hard to come up with good blog names.  “All the good names are already taken”, I often hear. They are not all already taken.  You just have to be patient, and work the process.  I come up with unique memorable domain names every single year. I often get offers to buy domains I have registered in the past so it seems like others like the names I find.

Some niches will be harder than others.  When I get stumped, I just go back to the thesaurus, or pull out my notebook and just randomly brainstorm. Sometimes you have to think laterally.  When I am traveling to work, I look at business names, and billboards for ideas.  Sometimes looking around will help to create the spark of inspiration you need.  I keep coming up with words to combine using Bust A Name until something amazing jumps out.

Roadblocks have always led to a much better name in the long run in my experience. Try it out and see how it works out for you.

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