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15 best street style blogs on the planet

Best Street Style Blogs on the Planet

I scoured the Internet searching for the absolutely best street style blogs from around the world.  I looked at other top street style blog lists to see what people already liked, and I searched through my trusty RSS feed to see who I already followed.

After looking at 100s of street style blogs, and narrowing things down, here is my list of the absolutely best street style blogs I found on the planet.

I really hope you find something new, and enjoy them as much as I do!

The best street style blogs capture rare, fleeting moments of artistic style expression.  Street style is the ultimate show of self artistry. Every once in a while, among the sea of drab blacks, grays, browns, and blues, we discover someone who has the boldness to express their own artistic flair through the clothes they wear. Their bodies are their canvas for their personal works of art.

This article celebrates these people.

Partnering with these expressive people, street style photographers capture beautiful unexpected moments when these rare birds appear.

After checking out so many street style blogs with a critical eye, here are 15 street style blogs that I can wholeheartedly recommend. These 15 street style blogs maintain a high level of  photographic artistry, creativity, and style selection.

15 best street style blogs on the planet:

The Sartorialist

The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman is seen as the original street fashion blogger, and is sometimes credited for reviving street fashion. He is truly a pioneer. The Sartorialist began in September of 2005, and enjoys 10s of millions of page views every single month.

Scott Schuman has best-selling books, and has been commissioned by the likes of Nespresso, DKNY Jeans, Gant, OVS, Crate & Barrel, and Absolut for campaigns.

You can see his work in the pages of GQ, Vogue Italia, Vogue Paris, and Interview. His site maintains a high level of quality which makes it a must see. No list of street style blogs is complete without mentioning Scott Schuman and The Sartorialist.

Street Peeper

Street Peeper

Phil Oh launched Street Peeper in 2006 after a whole bunch of odd-jobs. He failed at an internet startup, wrote a trashy novel, and was fired from 12 restaurants in the NYC.  Occasionally, he also does party promotions.  His site started out just for fun and grew into a full-time gig.  He also is a contributor for Vogue America.

Along with Scott Schuman above, Phil Oh is one of the original street style bloggers, and definitely deserves a spot on any best street style blog list. His images are often crisp, colorful, and energetic. Phil did not start out with an elaborate plan for his site.

His business, and fame grew organically.

He started out with, as he says, a crappy point and shoot.



Born in Athens, Greece in October of 2008, StreetGeist began as a street portrait project inspired by similar projects that two friends saw online. In 2010, StreetGeist relocated to Los Angeles, California, and in 2012 StreetGeist was named the best fashion blog in Los Angeles.

Alkistis Tsitouri is the photographer and visionary behind Streetgeist.  There is a distinct style to her photographs, and usually poses her subjects in a straight-forward simple way, and stays true to the portrait photography aesthetic. The pictures almost seem like a street style catalog of what is cool to wear.  You get a full-frame, heat-to-toe portrait of the people she chooses to photograph.

The consistency is defining.


Le 21ème   This is NOT a Street Style Blog

Le21eme‘s tag line is this is not a street style blog, which immediately catches your attention.  Instead, it is a photo-journalistic view into the world of fashion, and fashion weeks around the world.  I like that they define exactly who, and what they are.  It describes itself as a portal into other people’s lives. The description illustrates their flair for the artistic.

The names stands for 21st.

Le21eme was founded by Adam Katz Sinding in 2007 to share his passion for photography.  He now travels the world shooting for W Magazine,,, New York Magazine, Who What Wear, among others.

Le21eme made this best street style blogs list because the photography is absolutely beautiful, and stunning.  Each shot could be featured on the pages of any fashion publication. The work is amazing.

From a photographic perspective, their work is exceptional.

Four Eyes

FOUREYES   New Zealand Street Style Fashion Blog   New Zealand Street Style Blog

Crazy, interesting name and website address:, pronounced as Four Eyes. Not easy to forget at all. Chin, Danny, Mino & Alex are the four eyes that power the New Zealand based Four Eyes. They started the website to be a creative outlet, and visual diary.

The blog has brought a lot of success.  They’ve produced a highly regarded book featuring their work.  Not just limited to just their blog, they also work on editorials for fashion clients.  These guys seem to have a vision, and high expectations for their blog, and brand.

There is a muted stillness to their photography that makes it stand out from the crowd.



Guerreisms (originally Swagger360) was launched in July 2008 by Karl-Edwin Guerre. Guerre has Haitian roots and is based in Brooklyn, New York.  He started out trying to capture style and details as he saw them on the streets of New York. The website receives thousands of visitors every single day.

Guerreisms made the list because his photography is immaculate.  Each photograph could be a magazine ad, and everything looks crisp, and exceptional.  His photographs are immensely interesting.

At the end of the day, it is about the photography, and he excels.

Guerre has been photographed many times, and he obviously has his own distinct personal sense of style.  He is a lover of hats.

Urban Field Notes

Urban Fieldnotes

Urban Field Notes chronicles the styles that glide by in the streets of Philadelphia.  Behind the lens we have Brent Luvaas, known as a blogger, and anthropologist.  His approach is more an exploration of auto-ethnographic research and open-source fieldwork.

Urban Field Notes makes the list because he has a flair for the quirky. He picks really interesting subjects for his photographs. The people he focuses on have something distinct, and unique about each of them. None of them are anywhere near boring.

You can see the anthropological approach in his work.

Fashion Junk

fashionjunk streetstyle Hamburg  london  new york

Fashion Junk has an eye for the colorful, and the bold. Based in Hamburg, Germany, Fashion Junk features some of the most interesting characters you will find on the street.  They don’t represent the drab at all.  The photography is easily up to the standard of the rest of the street fashion blogs on this list.

I wonder what they say to the people they photograph because most of them look like they are thoroughly enjoying the experience.

Maybe it is the chance to be featured on the pages of a very popular street style blog.

Urban Chicks

Urban Chicks

The dopest streetwear chicks in the world. This is tagline for Urban Chicks, and it absolutely rings true.  For those looking for street style inspiration, you’ve found your destination.

They emphasize urban flavor, with a big spoonful of swagger.  This is not an on the street blog.  Instead it features street fashion from the pages of magazines, and website clippings.  More a collection of great urban street style magazine shots.  Celebrities are thrown in from time to time to heat things up.

It may disappoint some because of the lack of pictures from the street, but it more than makes up for it with the abundant street style inspiration, and ideas for what to wear.

Their value is in the choices of what they choose to show you.

They are trend setters.

A Love is Blind

A Love is Blind

Sandra Semburg, the observer, and photographer behind A Love is Blind, shoots fashion all around the globe.  I love the name of this street style blog.   Makes you curious.  She started her blog in 2011 to develop her sense of personal style, and to create a place to share her work. She enjoys sharing her unique point of view.

The pictures are absolutely beautiful, and stunning. Extremely inspiring.  We have yet another blog with photographs that look like magazine photo spreads.

I love the layout of this site.  The emphasis is on the photography.

A Love is Blind is a one of the newer street style blogs, and has quickly made a name for itself in the fashion industry.

This is definitely a website that stands out from the sea of other street style, and fashion blogs.

Quality, and artistry combined.

Candice Lake

CANDICE LAKE    Streetstyle  Trends  projects  fashion diary

Candice Lake, who runs her eponymous website, is an Australian born photographer, blogger and model. During her modeling career she worked with brands such as Ralph Lauren, Versace, Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Chanel, Vogue and Glamour magazine.

Candice Lake is currently based in London, and started her blog in 2011.  Within one year of launching her blog, she had her first US photography exhibition.

Her work is very fresh, and of the moment.

She is featured in many top fashion magazines, and her work reflects the caliber of those associations.

Easy Fashion

Easy Fashion

Easy Fashion prides itself on being the only 100 percent Parisian street style, and fashion blog. It has a Parisian focus, and wants to reflect their sense of style.  The picture quality is striking with interesting subjects often selected.  I always enjoy my stops to this blog.

You will experience something interesting, and it is great to get a chance to witness fashion from the streets of Paris, France.  A window into a different part of the world.

Truly engaging photographs that make you eyes linger, and contemplate.



Robert Spangle is the visionary behind Thousand Yard Style. Style as I find it is his approach to street style photography. He poetically states on his about page, ‘Man at his best, and women who steal your heart a frame at a time.’

His work has been featured in British GQ, Vogue Online, The Rake, Plaza Uomo, Esquire UK, among others.

Thousand Yard Style stands out because he does not seem to interfere with his subject, and they often look unposed, or interfered with. The spontaneity can be breathtaking at times.

This street style photographer stands out because of the refreshing naturalness of his subjects.  Another great one to check out.

The Locals

The Locals – Street Style from Copenhagen and elsewhere

Magazine quality photography, modelese subjects, and amazing fashion to boot. This is what you can expect from The Locals.  Søren Jepsen, fashion photographer and blogger, has been running the streets capturing the style he discovers there since 2007.

When he is not shooting in the streets. you can find him shooting editorials and stories for clients such as, Elle, Cover, GQ, Vogue and Refinery29.

The website has the best layout I have seen of any street style blog, and is a visual tour de force.

Garance Dore

Garance Doré

Born June 2006, Garance Dore, the blog, began simply as a way to have some fun. Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist inspired Dore to begin her street style blogging career.

Doré is originally from Corsica, and launched her blog while she was living in Marseille.

Stunning and beautiful, her photography sets an extremely high standard for street style photography.

Her style has morphed more towards story telling as of late, and she is also exploring video. She says that video is the future of the Internet.

Her blog is extremely popular, and with it her profile continues to grow.

Summary: 15 best street style blogs on the planet

After many hours of research, it was a little fun, this is my well researched list of the best street style blogs on the planet. There are many out there, but these are the cream of the crop. They all execute at a very high level of excellence, and are truly a joy to read, and witness.

I debated back and forth about who should make the list. Finally, I came up with a list I can be proud of.  I am very happy with the results, and believe in all of these street style blogs.  I hope you encounter something new, and refreshing.

Who do you think should also be on a list of the best street style blogs?  Who did I miss?

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