25 Most Famous Youtubers on Earth

most famous youtubers

The 25 most famous Youtubers on the planet earth is a pretty amazing, exclusive, and inspiring list.  These people have done something amazing.  The members of the most famous Youtubers list have over 250 million subscribers combined, and billions and billions of video views.  It is inspiring that many 25 most famous youtubers on earthof these famous Youtubers did not set out looking for fame, but yet they managed to build themselves into global brands, and influencers.  This list is not inclusive of people that were already famous outside of Youtube, such as musicians.  Vevo accounts do not count.

These famous Youtubers are clustered in a few specific categories that show that people really look to Youtube for entertainment.  The most popular categories are comedy, gaming, beauty, and vlogging.

The two most popular countries for famous Youtubers are the United States, and the United Kingdom.

If you can entertain, maybe one day you can be on the list.

Without much more fanfare, let’s get started:

1. Most Famous Youtubers: Felix Kjellberg

Name: Felix Kjellberg

Channel: PewDiePie

Category: Gaming

Country: Sweden

Subscribers: 42,482,435

Felix Kjellberg is one of the biggest stars on the Internet, if not the biggest.  By the sheer numbers, he is the most famous Youtuber ever.  He has the most subscribed channel on the planet.

He started out uploading videos he shot of himself playing video games.  At first, his videos had no commentaries.  People enjoyed what they saw and started to share his videos, leave comments, and his following just continued to keep growing and growing from there.

People enjoyed what they saw and started to share his videos, leave comments, and his following just continued to keep growing and growing from there.

The channel started in 2010. He had no clue that it would one day become the most popular youtube channel in the world.

In 2012 his channel passed 1,000,000 subscribers, and since 2013, PewDiePie has been the most subscribed Youtube channel.

The channel content has grown, and now has vlogs, and other content that is not directly related to gaming.

In 2014, The Wallstreet Journal reported that he earns $4,000.000.00 annually.

Here is one of his videos:

2. Most Famous Youtubers: Anthony Padilla

Name: Anthony Padilla

Channel: Smosh

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 21,858,513

Smosh is the sketch comedy duo of Ian Andrew Hecox, and Anthony Padilla.  Anthony Padilla initially started the venture by posting animated videos online in 2002.  Ian Andrew Hecox joined the team later.

The name is derived from the term ‘mosh pit’.  On first hearing the phrase, Anthony thought it was ‘smosh pit’ and ended up really liking the word.

In 2005, they joined Youtube, and started posting videos of them lip-syncing the theme songs to Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  They eventually branched out to performing skits, and other comedic material.

They have been one of the most subscribed Youtube channels in 2009.

Here is one of their videos:

3. Most Famous Youtubers: Ian Andrew Hecox

Name: Ian Andrew Hecox

Channel: Smosh

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 21,858,513

Smosh is the sketch comedy duo of Ian Andrew Hecox, and Anthony Padilla.  Anthony Padilla initially started the venture by posting animated videos online in 2002.  Ian Andrew Hecox joined the team later.

The name is derived from the term ‘mosh pit’.  On first hearing the phrase, Anthony thought it was ‘smosh pit’ and ended up really liking the word.

In 2005, they joined Youtube, and started posting videos of them lip-syncing the theme songs to Mortal Kombat, Power Rangers, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  They eventually branched out to performing skits, and other comedic material.

They have been one of the most subscribed Youtube channels in 2009.

Here is one of their videos:

4. Most Famous Youtubers: Ryan Higa

Name: Ryan Higa

Channel: Niga Higa

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 16,323,182

Ryan Higa and Sean Fujiyoshi began posting lip-syncs of popular songs on Youtube in 2006 while attending Waiakea High School. Ryan was 16 at the time.  Their material soon expanded to include comedy.

In 2008 and 2009, they had some of their lip-syncing videos removed by Youtube due to copyright violations, and their account was also temporarily suspended.

The lip-sync videos were a big part of what made their channel popular. Videos like How To Be Gangster, and How To Be Emo were two of the most popular.  Both were removed by Youtube. Since then Higa has been creating his own music to avoid the past problems.

Since 2012, Higa has been producing content through his own production company.

Here is one of the channel’s videos:

5. Most Famous Youtubers: Jenna Marbles

Name: Jenna Mourey

Channel: Jenna Marbles

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 15,869,453

In July 2010, between shifts at her tanning salon job, and a night shift as a go-go dancer, Jenna decided to film, edit, and post a video titled How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking.  The video immediately became popular aided by co-workers that shared the video that same night.  The video now has over 60 million views.

In 2011, she posted How To Avoid Talking To People You Don’t Want To Talk To, which also became extremely popular.  Her suggestions are now part of pop culture, and used in clubs around the world.

Jenna now posts to her channel on a weekly schedule.  The majority of her audience are young women that relate to her straightforward take on life.

Here is one of her videos:

6. Most Famous Youtubers: Olajide “JJ” Olatunji

Name: Olajide “JJ” Olatunji

Channel: KSI

Category: Gaming, Comedy

Country: England

Subscribers: 12,057,775

Olajide “JJ” Olatunji is a British comedian, rapper, Youtube personality, and actor.  He is known by the name ‘KSI’. He is both a school dropout and multimillionaire. Go figure.

KSI launched his channel on July 24, 2009, with a video about the FIFA game franchise.  His channel began with a primary focus on FIFA games.

The content is much more varied now.  Some are vlogs, others comedy, some feature his music, and some even feature his family.

Although his videos have billions of views, his time on Youtube has not been without controversy.

Here is one of his videos:

7. Most Famous Youtubers: Mark Fischbach

Name: Mark Fischbach

Channel: Markiplier

Category: Gaming

Country: America

Subscribers: 11,696,077

Mark joined Youtube on May 26, 2012, and has risen to fame quickly.  He started his Youtube career by posting a series of playthrough videos of the game Amnesia: The Dark Descent.  He also began other series with other games such as Penumbra, and Dead Space.

He had done collabs with Youtubers such asJacksepticeye, LordMinion777, Muyskerm, PewDiePie, Matthias, GameGrumps, Cyndago, Yamimash, Jacksfilms, CaptainSparklez, Egoraptor and LixianTV, among others.

Here is one of his videos:

8. Most Famous Youtubers: Ray William Johnson

Name: Ray William Johnson

Channel: Ray William Johnson

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 10,670,591

Ray William Johnson is an actor, comedian, producer, director, writer and rapper, known for his YouTube channel and his Equal Three web series.  The Equal Three series features commentary and jokes based on already viral videos.

Johnson began posting videos in April of 2009.

His channel was the first to reach 5 million subscribers.

Here is one of his videos:

9. Most Famous Youtubers: Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Name: Zoe Elizabeth Sugg

Channel: Zoella

Category: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Country: England

Subscribers: 10,179,244

Zoe Elizabeth Sugg is a British fashion, lifestyle, beauty blogger, and Youtuber.  She is known by the name Zoella, and is a real Internet rockstar.  Everyone knows her name.

Zoella started out with her blog in 2009, before making the eventual jump to Youtube.  By the end of her first year of blogging, she had already built thousands of followers.

Sugg has built up quite a social media following and is considered a social media influencer with millions of followers on numerous platforms.

Here is one of her videos:

10. Most Famous Youtubers: Bethany Mota

Name: Bethany Mota

Channel:  Bethany Mota

Category: Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle

Country: America

Subscribers: 9,858,341

Bethany Noel Mota is a Youtube vlogger based in California.  Bethany launched her Youtube channel in 2009, and rose to fame through her ‘haul videos’ that showcased her fashion and beauty purchases.  She also delivers content around makeup, outfits, hair tutorials, DIY ideas, and recipes. She now even has her own fashion line.

Bethany is now considered a Youtube celebrity, and one of the most famous Youtubers.  Her brand has grown far beyond the sphere of Youtube.

Here is one of her videos:

11. Most Famous Youtubers: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Name: Vitaly Zdorovetskiy

Channel:  VitalyzdTv

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 8,942,362

Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, known by his YouTube username VitalyzdTv, is a Russian-born YouTube personality.  Vitaly and his family emigrated to the United States in 2004.

On August 10, 2011, he uploaded his first Youtube video.  He was inspired by the first round of famous Youtubers that were beginning to get media attention and fame.  He felt that he could do a much better job so why not try.

His videos feature pranks on random people walking the streets.  He has risen to fame due to the outrageousness, and craziness of the pranks he pulls.

He has risen to fame because of the outrageousness, and craziness of the pranks he pulls.

Here is one of his videos:

12. Most Famous Youtubers: Seán William McLoughlin

Name: Seán William McLoughlin

Channel:  Jacksepticeye

Category: Gaming

Country: Ireland

Subscribers: 8,921,759

Seán William McLoughlin, better known as Jacksepticeye, is an Irish game commentator, known for his yelling game commentaries.  He has also developed a popular Youtube series titled Let’s Play.

McLoughlin started his current channel in 2012, but really started to gain traction when he won a PewDiePie shout-out competition in 2013.

His first video with a Solid Snake impression.  Shortly after, he began producing let’s play videos of the Far Cry 3, and Dark Souls games.

McLoughlin has developed several different series that feature a wide variety of content from the reading of reader comments to personal vlogs.

Here is one of his videos:

13. Most Famous Youtubers: Roman Atwood

Name: Roman Atwood

Channel:  Roman Atwood

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 8,508,366

Roman Atwood started uploading hidden camera pranks in 2009, and the rest is history.

Roman is known for three standout videos

  • Plastic Ball Prank – in this prank he fills his whole home with plastic balls.
  • Anniversary Prank – on his five-year anniversary with his girlfriend he pranks her by saying that he has been cheating on her.
  • Killing My Kid Prank – again he pranks his girlfriend by fooling her into thinking that he had thrown their child over a second-floor balcony.

Here is one of his videos:

14. Most Famous Youtubers: Michelle Phan

Name: Michelle Phan

Channel:  Michelle Phan

Category: Beauty

Country: America

Subscribers: 8,397,983

In 2005, Michelle launched a blog where she shared makeup tutorials, and responded to audience requests for new content.  She took the leap to Youtube in May 2007.  Her first makeup tutorial video received 40,000 views in the first week, and fueled her desire to keep going.

She is known for a unique style that emphasizes narration, which she patterned on Bob Ross.

Her videos tend to be inspired by prior user comments.

In 2011, she signed a partnership with Lancome as their video makeup artist, and has gone on to create her own beauty products.

Here is one of her videos:

15. Most Famous Youtubers: Yousef Erakat

Name: Yousef Erakat

Channel:  Fouseytube

Category: Comedy, Pranks

Country: America

Subscribers: 8,302,933

Yousef Saleh Erakat  is a famous Youtube personality known as Fousey.  He is a vlogger that also produces prank videos.

Fousey has been posting videos since 2011,  His vlogs can be very personal.  He shares his battles with depression and other life issues.

Here is one of his videos:

16. Most Famous Youtubers: Tyler Oakley

Name: Tyler Oakley

Channel:  Tyler Oakley

Category: Vlogger

Country: America

Subscribers: 8,002,228

Tyler Oakley is a Youtube personality, vlogger, podcaster, activist, and author.  He often posts about politics, culture, with a little bit of humor mixed in.

He began making videos in 2007 while attending Michigan State University.

He is a big advocate for the LGBT community.  He is vocal on issues related to healthcare, education, and suicide prevention among LGBT youths.

He is a source of inspiration for a legion of people.

Here is one of his videos:

17. Most Famous Youtubers: Alastair Aiken

Name: Alastair Aiken

Channel:  Ali-A

Category: Gaming

Country: England

Subscribers: 7,702,815

Alastair Aiken, known as Ali-A, is a British YouTuber known for gameplay videos, particularly of him playing Call of Duty.

He first joined Youtube in 2006.  Even though he only gained 100 users his first year, he kept on going and eventually grew his channel to over 7 million subscribers.

Here is one of his videos:

18. Most Famous Youtubers: Bart Baker

Name: Bart Baker

Channel:  Bart Baker

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 7,561,157

Bart Baker is a famous Youtuber that produces comedic song parodies.

He uploaded his first video on December 1, 2006.

In the beginning, it was a lot more difficult to become a member of the Youtube partners program. In 2009, he accepted an invitation to join the program and began sharing advertising revenue with Youtube.

In October 2011, he joined Maker Studios, a Youtube content producer network based in California.  Following joining Maker, he moved to Los Angeles in September of 2012 to take full advantage of what Maker had to offer.

Here is one of his videos:

19. Most Famous Youtubers: Rachel Levin

Name: Rachel Claire Levin

Channel:  Rclbeauty101

Category: Beauty

Country: America

Subscribers: 6,900,282

Rachel Claire Levin a beauty blogger, and vlogger that created the RCLBeauty101 Youtube channel.

She produces content covering a wide variety of topics including beauty, DIY, fashion, food, and lifestyle.

She began vlogging at the end of 2010.

One of her popular segments is Expectations vs Reality. She was nominated in 2015 for a Teen Choice Award, and for a Streamy Award.

Here following has gone far beyond Youtube.  She has over a million followers on Instagram.

Here is one of her videos:

20. Most Famous Youtubers: Joseph Graham “Joe” Sugg

Name: Joseph Graham “Joe” Sugg

Channel:  ThatcherJoe

Category: Vlogger

Country: England

Subscribers: 6,168,078

I guess famous Youtubers like to keep it in the family.  Joe Suggs is the sibling of Zoella, another British Internet rockstar.  Joe runs several Youtube channels, but ThatcherJoe is the more popular.

He launched his channel in November 2011.  His content is heavy with pranks, and impressions.  As of 2015, he has been sharing a flat in London with fellow YouTuber Caspar Lee, who also made this list.

Here is one of his videos:

21. Most Famous Youtubers: Colleen Evans

Name: Colleen Evans

Channel:  Miranda Sings

Category: Comedy

Country: America

Subscribers: 6,017,209

Colleen Evans launched the Miranda Sings channel in 2008.

Since then she has uploaded videos of a character she created named Miranda Sings.  The character is a satire of untalented, but arrogant, singers who post videos on the Internet expecting instant fame. These people seem unable to comprehend the realistic, but harsh comments they receive on their videos, and call their detractors ‘haters’.

Miranda’s character is supposedly home-schooled, and lives with her mother, and an uncle.  She is the definition of a narcissist who really believes her own hype.

The characters singing is far from perfect.  You have to witness it for yourself.

Here is one of her videos:

22. Most Famous Youtubers: Caspar Lee

Name: Caspar Lee

Channel:  Caspar

Category: Vlogger, Comedy

Country: England

Subscribers: 5,770,082

Caspar is a British Youtuber that launched his self-titled Youtube channel in 2011.  He is currently a member of the Gleam Futures talent agency.  He is is flatmates with Joe Sugg, Zoella’s brother, who are both famous Youtubers that made this list.

His content leans towards the comedic with some vlogging content to add some variety.

Caspar is considered a digital influencer with over 2 million Twitter, and Instagram followers.

He has done collaboration with other famous Youtubers such as Joe Sugg, Zoella, Tyler Oakley, Jack and Finn Harries, Grace Helbig, Connor Franta, Troye Sivan, Marcus Butler, Shane Dawson, Dan Howell, and others.

Here is one of his videos:

23. Most Famous Youtubers: Rosanna Pansino

Name: Rosanna Pansino

Channel:  Rosanna Pansino

Category: Food

Country: America

Subscribers: 5,623,099

Rosanna Pansino is a baker, and Youtube celebrity that launched her baking themed Youtube channel in 2011.

She inherited a shared passion for baking from her Grandmother and was encourage to give Youtube a try by another Youtuber.

At first, she just wanted to get more comfortable in front of the camera.  She got positive feedback, and demand for new content almost immediately.

She also created the Nerdy Mummies series that features recipes for cakes, cookies, and cupcakes.  She has built one of the most popular food channels in Youtube history.

Here is one of her videos:

24. Most Famous Youtubers: Conor Franta

Name: Conor Franta

Channel:  Conor Franta

Category: Vlogging

Country: America

Subscribers: 5,303,168

Conor was inspired to start his Youtube channel by Youtubers such as Shane Dawson and Mitchell Davis.

His first Youtube upload was in August 2010.  The majority of his content are vlogs. He is also known to offers advice on a variety of topics.

His celebrity has led to nominations for Teen Choice Awards, and a People’s Choice Award.  He went on to win the People’s Choice Award.

Here is one of his videos:

25. Most Famous Youtubers: Casey Neistat

Name: Casey Neistat

Channel:  Casey Neistat

Category: Vlogging

Country: America

Subscribers: 2,251,720

Casey Neistat launched his Youtube channel on February 15, 2010.  The majority of his videos and personal vlogs that share his personal life, observations, and experiences.  Somehow he makes the everyday entertaining.  He also does collaboration with other Youtubers, and at times conspires with some Youtuber pranksters.  He collabed on an Aladdin Halloween prank that is crazy:

His notoriety has led to relationships with brands such as Nike.  Casey has built an almost cult-like following.  His latest video features him at the Academy Awards.

Here is one of his videos:

Most Famous Youtubers: Wrapping Up

There you have it.  The 25 most famous Youtubers on the planet Earth.  What is really striking to me is the majority of these channels are really not that old.  They have risen to fame pretty quickly through a combination of the right personality, creative talent, with a little bit of luck.  For the most part, they resonated with an audience almost immediately and grew to their current heights.

With fame comes responsibilities, and loads of opportunities.

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