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Best laptop for blogging

Best laptop for blogging

What is the best laptop for blogging? I recently had my old faithful laptop crash forcing me to evaluate what I really need in a laptop for blogging.

My laptop must be prepared for the needs of an active blogger. I need to write, edit photographs, and sometimes I need to edit videos. Blogging is a little different from writing alone, and requires more umph in the machine.

Best laptop for blogging coffee shopI also do research for articles a lot which mean that I often have numerous tabs open all at once. I am notorious for have loads of tabs open. My computer does not always like it.  One factor for me in memory.

With these things in mind, I made a wish list of features that I desire in a best laptop for blogging, so here we go:

Best laptop for blogging: Mac vs Pc vs Chrome

An apple laptop will set you back quite a bit more that a PC laptop so the first decision you need to make is whether your want to ante up the extra money for the Apple Brand.  It is amazing to me that Apple has carved out a luxury brand strategy in the PC space.  That being said, I have to admit that viruses can really be an issue on PCs, and you get good specs when you buy Apple.

I like the concept of Chrome, and having a really lightweight laptop, but blogging requires a little more than what a Chromebook can offer as far as computing power. Images and video alone take up a lot of space, so I had to rule out this option.

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can either go with a PC or an Apple and you will do fine.

Best laptop for blogging: Display

As far as vertical real estate goes, 15 and 17 inch laptops give you about the same vertical real estate, but you do get a little more vertical room with the 17 inch which can sometimes be helpful.  I feel that a 15 inch laptop is a good compromise of size, price, and portability.

When I use my 17 inch laptop, I do not enjoy the experience of lugging it around. They are a little bit heavier, and the length of them makes them a little awkward to carry.

Anything less than 15 inches, and you really don’t have the real estate you need to edit images or do video work effectively. I would love a smaller laptop, but I need something that fits the bill of blogging, working with images, and editing video, so 15 inches is what I feel works best.

Best laptop for blogging: Processor

My old laptop had an Intel I3 second generation processor. It did okay, and had 6 gigs of memory, but I wanted to step things up a bit. An Intel I7 processor will drive up the cost of your laptop greatly, so I think that Intel’s I5 processor is a good fit.

If you decide to go the Apple route, you will have to choose a Macbook Pro in order to get a 15.4 inch screen. The current crop of Macbook Pros comes well equipped with Intel I7 processors, 16 gigs of ram, and SSD hard drives. At least you get the latest technology for the much higher prices.  The design of Apple products is also factored into the price.

Best laptop for blogging: Memory

It has been my experience that you need at least 6 gigabytes of memory to be truly productive. When I use a laptop that only has 4 gigabytes of memory, I run into problems when I open up multiple tabs in my web browser. I do a lot of research, and looking at loads of articles, and tabs are essential.

I am not patient when it comes to sitting in front of my laptop. I need my laptop to be fast. Memory is one of the key things that can make a significant impact on the speed of your computer. I suggest maxing out your machine.

Best laptop for blogging: Hard Drive

As I have mentioned a few times before, blogging can demand a lot of work with images, and video. These types of media can chew through your hard drive pretty quickly. I think the minimum you should start with for hard drive space is 500 gigabytes, with 1 terabyte being even better. My next laptop will have the latter.

Best laptop for blogging: Manufacturer

I had to take a lot of time to consider this one. I have owned quite a few different brands of laptops, I’ve owned Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sony, Acer, Dell, Compaq, Apple, and HP. I want to suggest something reliable, so I had to reflect back to my experiences with all of these brands.

I also thought about all of the anecdotal stories I have heard from friends. I also went and checked out the top PC magazines to see what they preferred.

Heading over to I looked at the most popular laptops to see how real customers evaluated them. I made note of which brands seem to get a lot of negative reviews, and which brands seemed to always to do well with real people.

I checked out Consumer Reports so that they could weigh in. After going through all of these resources, I noticed that certain brands seemed to always be at the top of the list; Dell, and Apple, along with a few others. I’ve used Dell, and have one of their 10-year-old laptops that is still with me, although too slow for everyday use at this point.  I am very comfortable recommending Dell or Apple.

My brand finalists are Dell, and Apple.

As you already know, technology changes rapidly, so laptop models come and go.  At this point in time, I can wholeheartedly recommend two specific laptop models.  They are well reviewed, and come from reliable companies.

Best laptop for blogging: The finalists

Dell Inspiron Series 1500

dell inspiron

Model i5548-1669SLV
Screen Size 15.6 inches
Processor Intel Core i5
Memory 8 Gig DDR3 SDRAM
Hard Drive 1 TB HDD SATA
OS Windows 8
Price $537.00
Buy Now Amazon


Apple Macbook Pro


Model Apple Macbook Pro
Screen Size 15.4-inch Retina
Processor Intel Core i5
Memory 16 GB DDR3 RAM
Hard Drive 512 GB – SSD
Price $2,349.00
Buy Now Amazon

Best laptop for blogging: Wrapping up

There you have it, the best laptop for blogging comes from Dell, and Apple.  Both of these computers are well-loved by their respective owners, and are rated highly.  You will pay considerably more if you choose Apple, but you also get quite a big step up in specifications like more memory, a faster processor, SSD hard drive, and better video capacity, and display.  Either one of these computers should do the job, and make your blogging life much easier.

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