Best video camera for Youtube

best video camera for youtube

Let’s talk about the best video camera for Youtube. This is something that I recently had to think about, and had a lot of fun researching.  I just invested in a bunch of equipment to start adding video content to this website. I already owned a camera, but I wanted to make sure I had the right equipment for the job. The camera I started out with was the Nikon D5100, which is a pretty nice camera.  I have shot some really great photos with it, but Nikon may not be the best brand of video camera for a Youtuber.  I will go into more detail a little bit later.

Best video camera for Youtube: Camera or Camcorder?

best video camera for youtubeShould you buy a camcorder or a camera such as a DSLR?  If you watch Youtube equipment videos where Youtubers share their equipment, you will notice the DSLRs (digital single lens reflex cameras) dominate. This is for good reason.  DSLRs provide flexibility, excellent video quality. and loads of expandability.

DSLRs have advanced to a point where you get great video combined with the flexibility to add accessories to the camera as your requirements grow. With a DLSR you are not stuck with just one lens. You can buy high quality lenses based on the type of shots that you want to get. The flexibility of lenses allows you to get a more cinematic look for your videos. You can also buy things like remote triggers if you plan on shooting your videos on your own. The list of film making accessories for DSLRs are endless.

DSLRs tend to have better image sensors which leads to more vibrant video. The camera sensor is what actually takes the video, or picture, and the sensors in DSLRs are much larger which translates into better image quality when compared to camcorders.

Shooting Youtube videos means that you want the absolute best image quality you can get for a reasonable price, and that is exactly what DSLRs provide.

Best video camera for Youtube: Pick the right screen

Starting out you probably will have to shoot videos on your own. That makes it very important to buy a camera with an articulating screen. This simply means that you can flip the screen out and turn it over so that the screen faces the front. You can shoot your video, and make sure that you are actually positioned well within the frame.  My recommendations only include cameras that fulfil this requirement.  You have to be able to see what you are shooting.

This one feature alone is essential. It is possible to shoot in front of a mirror to make sure you are on camera, but that just makes making videos more difficult to produce. It sucks working on a video, and then realizing later that you are not even in the shot, or in the wrong position.  There is a really simple fix; make sure you have a moveable screen on the back of the camera.

Best video camera for Youtube: Brands – Nikon vs Canon?

When it comes to buying a camera, Nikon and Canon are the two top brands to consider.   I would not at this time feel comfortable recommending anything else.

I already owned a Nikon camera, so why was I looking for something else? The number one issue for me is that Nikon treats video as an afterthought. With my Nikon I do not have absolute control of my settings when the camera is in video mode. I searched on Youtube, and there are workarounds, but the solutions are very clunky. Nikon is really for shooting an occasional video, but Canon is all about video.  I only shoot video with my Nikon when I absolutely have no choice.  I have more lenses for Nikon, so sometimes I have to use it to get the shot I want.

I love the Nikon for purely photographic work.  That is where it really shines.

It should be obvious by now that Canon is the better option for video work such as Youtube.  Canon gives you full control over the video settings in video mode which is essential.

Another great thing about Canons is that when you change your video settings, the screen changes to reflect what your video will actually look like. Nikon does not do this.

I wanted to stick with my Nikon, but it just did not makes sense in this situation.

Best video camera for Youtube: Canon

At the end of the day the best video camera for Youtube has to be a Canon. Canons are made to work smoothly in video mode with full control of what is going on in the shot. Nearly every Youtuber that does an equipment video is using a Canon. They are just so much easier to use in video mode. It is really a no brainer, and this comes from someone that already owned a great Nikon camera, and lenses.

Best video camera for Youtube: Which model / models?

best video camera for youtube canon t5i 700dThere are numerous models in the Canon line, but two in particular fit the bill extremely well, depending on your budget. The models that I would recommend are the Canon t5i otherwise known as the 700D, or the Canon 750D / t6i.  You get more image resolution with the latter.

The t5i / 700D has a few upgrades over the older 600D / t3i such as stereo audio, auto focus in video mode, a touch screen for quicker navigation of the menu system, and is part of the current Canon product line. You can buy it new right now.

If you want to boost your megapixels to get even more image resolution, consider the 750D which offers 24 megapixels, but you will have to spend a little bit more money.

Best video camera for Youtube:

The Canon T5i / 700D is a great camera with a lot of great features:

  • 18 Megapixels
  • HD Video Quality
  • Tilt / Swivel Screen
  • Touch Screen
  • Stereo audio
  • Video auto focus

The Canon T6i / 750D offers the following features:

  • 24 Megapixels
  • HD Video Quality
  • Tilt / Swivel Screen
  • Touch Screen
  • Stereo audio
  • Video auto focus

The 700D / t5i, or 750D / t6i are the perfect cameras for shooting Youtube videos. They provide high quality video with the flexibility to also take high quality pictures. The touchscreen is a really nice feature and allows you to navigate the menus much quicker.  These are not cheapest cameras, or the most expensive. They are right in the middle of the product line, and give exactly what you need to produce excellent videos.

To purchase, or check out these cameras, you can follow the links below.

Buy the Canon T5i / 700D on Amazon

The t5i / 700D is around $650.00

Buy the Canon T6i / 750D on Amazon

The T6i / 750D is around $750.00

Previously, The t3i / 600D was extremely popular among Youtubers, but unfortunately it has been discontinued.  This camera was featured on quite a few Youtube equipment lists.  It did not have autofocus in video mode.

The t3i / 600D might be a good option if you are willing to buy used.

Another used Canon option is the 650D / t4i which added auto focus in video mode.  This is a great feature for product, and beauty youtubers who are constantly moving items in front of the camera.  The 650D / t4i has also been discontinued.

Pick the one that is the better fit based on your budget.  The camera is only a starting place for producing quality videos.  Don’t overlook your audio quality.  Audio can have a bigger impact than the video.

You should also invest in the best lenses you can afford.  Lenses are like eyes.  You want eyes that can produce sharp, and clear images.  The kit lenses that come with these camera are just a starting point.  You can do better.

Best Video camera for Youtube: Summing up

canon t5i 700DI am now a proud owner of a Canon T5i / 700D. I am very happy with my choice. I have done some test videos to try thing out,and I love the control I now have over my videos. I also did some videos with the Nikon D5100 to see how it compared. The Nikon can gives you good quality video as well, but the lack of full video control makes it a non-starter.

When I am shooting video, I don’t want to have to implement some clunky workaround to change the settings on my camera.  I just want to focus on producing content.  It is a real travesty that Nikon cripples their cameras so much when it comes to video.

As I mentioned already, I am happy with my choice. The Canon feels great in my hands, and actually fits my hands better than the Nikon. I love how easy it is to set up to shoot video. I can wholeheartedly recommend these two cameras to anyone that aspires to be a Youtuber. You will not be disappointed.

There you have it.  The best video camera for Youtube.

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