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13 Rules for Good Blog Names

Good blog names stand out from the crowd, and the blogosphere gets more and more crowded every single day. It makes a lot of sense to come up with a great name right from the very beginning. Brand building is extremely important if you plan


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How to earn money online: passion

How to earn money online? You have to have passion. I struggled for the right word to indicate the driving force required to build a successful online business. Was it passion, or excitement, enthusiasm, love, pleasure, joy, fun, or just plain obsession? The gist of


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How to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog?  I recently started my own fashion blog,, and it has been an interesting journey to say the least.  | always wanted to say to people that I am a fashion blogger, but I could never find an angle


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Interview: An interview with street style blogger Brent Luvaas

Garrison Durand: This is Garrison Durand with, and we have a really great guest here today who runs a very stylish blog called Urbanfieldnotes. We have Brent Luvaas, and I want to welcome him. Welcome. Brent Luvaas: Thanks for having me, Garrison. Garrison Durand: How are you


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What to blog about for new and existing blogs

Are you trying to figure out what to blog about?  Have you lost your inspiration?  Today, I am in one of those moods where I don’t want to write the next article on my list.  It is like my internal voice, or compass has disappeared.


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The top Youtube channels

The top Youtube channels, and the youtubers behind them have created an opportunity for anyone with a video camera, a little charisma, and personality to make an amazing amount of money.  Armed with a video camera, if you can entertain, or educate through videos, you


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15 best street style blogs on the planet

I scoured the Internet searching for the absolutely best street style blogs from around the world.  I looked at other top street style blog lists to see what people already liked, and I searched through my trusty RSS feed to see who I already followed. After looking


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How to increase website traffic

Traffic is the lifeblood of any website; it is essential, or you would not be pondering how to increase website traffic.  The first stage in growing traffic is having a strong product, and for a web property that means extraordinary content. Extraordinary content is shareable and


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10 successful entrepreneurs online

During my daily blog visits, I always come across great stories about how successful entrepreneurs have built super successful lifestyles from their online businesses. I like to bookmark these stories, and pass them along to friends to give them inspiration, and fire them up to start


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How to start an online business

I have dreamed for over 8 years about living the laptop lifestyle, and having real financial freedom. I’ve come up with hundreds of online business ideas. Most of them viable, but I lacked the passion and drive to make them a reality.  Eventually I was able to