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Best laptop for blogging

What is the best laptop for blogging? I recently had my old faithful laptop crash forcing me to evaluate what I really need in a laptop for blogging. My laptop must be prepared for the needs of an active blogger. I need to write, edit


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How to choose a domain name

What’s in a name?  We are going to cover why picking a great name for your business is important, and we are going to discuss how to choose a domain name. Creating a strong brand is a critical element for any new online business, or


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How do bloggers make money?

How do bloggers make money?  After you’ve created original great content consistently, built good relationships with other bloggers in your niche, promoted your blog extremely well, and gained an audience, there are numerous ways that you can make money as a blogger.  Before we get


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How to start an online business

I have dreamed for over 8 years about living the laptop lifestyle, and having real financial freedom. I’ve come up with hundreds of online business ideas. Most of them viable, but I lacked the passion and drive to make them a reality.  Eventually I was able to