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Content Rich by Jon Wuebben | Book Review

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Content marketing through rose-colored glasses is what you get when you read ‘Content Rich’ by Jon Wuebben; overly exuberant, salesy, and self-promotional. I eagerly anticipated getting a detailed perspective on how to make the most of content marketing, and walked away feeling utterly unfulfilled. The little real meat in the book could have been delivered in a much lower number of pages. I was constantly bogged down in overly exuberant, salesy, and copywriting centric details. This is more of a drawn out marketing brochure compared to a book with usable, and implementable advice.

Content Rich by Jon Wuebben PostContent Rich lacks any sort of depth, and seems to merely be a pitch for the author’s company. The author requests you to contact him, or his company numerous times throughout the book, and it seems like the author did not want to reveal any real detailed advice, or tactics in the book, so that you would contact him directly. Shallow writing with constant selling the whole way through. The copywriter in him shines through way too much.

I prefer practical advice without the fluff.

Content Rich bills itself as a comprehensive guide into the world of content marketing, and Mr. Wuebben refers to the book as a definitive guide to content writing. This is not my impression at all. This is not a comprehensive step-by-step guide to get you going.

Another drawback to the book is that based on his experience in copywriting he overemphasizes copywriting versus things like finding your voice, or writing in a pleasing way for your audience. The web is unlike direct marketing, and is more about building a rapport with your audience, and not just trying to constantly sell them. This books has that old-school in your face sales feel to it.

In addition, some of the tactics outlined in the book have become outdated. The book highly favors content syndication which does not really fly in the world of Google recognizing, and not liking duplicate content. To be fair, the books was published in 2008, and Mr. Wuebben has since published another book on the topic in 2011. Based on this read, I don’t plan on adding his new book to my reading list. I fear that it will be more of the same, and I don’t want to be sold to anymore.

Here is a quote directly from another review that perfectly sums up my feelings on the book, “’Content Rich’ just feels like a sales pitch for the author’s company. There is little depth and nothing to take away here for the more advanced practitioner.”

I would say that this book may be of limited use to the absolute beginner, but I don’t know what they will do when they attempt to actually execute a content marketing plan.

If you want practical advice to excel in the content marketing space, I would begin my search somewhere else. This is more a marketing pamphlet than anything actually useful. I am disappointed that I did not finish the book feeling more capable, enriched, and prepared to benefit from the use of my words.
It definitely is not content rich.

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