Fashion 2.0: Blogging your way to the front row by Yuli Ziv | Book Review

Blogging your way to the front row

Want a front row view into the world of fashion blogging? Look no further than Fashion 2.0: Blogging your way to the front row by Yuli Ziv. The book is well grounded in solid business acumen, and provides an insightful insider’s perspective on what the world of fashion blogging is really like. The author gained her expertise running her blog MyItThings, and through building her own fashion advertising network, Style Coalition.

The book is full of juicy insider tips. On the relationships with fashion brands, Yuli states, “From fabulous event with flowing champagne, delicious bites, fresh flowers, iconic performances and breathtaking views – many of them gave me unforgettable moments that no man in my life has managed to top. Add to that the feeling of being appreciated, included, respected, desired, and pampered, and you get the picture of a perfect romance that can last years, benefiting both sides.”

Here she highlights the glamorous side of fashion blogging, but don’t be mislead into thinking the the book is more style than substance. The book is full of practical, and realistic advice about how to make your fashion blog work.  In addition, there are interviews with some very popular fashion bloggers at the end of each section, and these are incredibly useful.  It sometimes feels like you are sitting in a coffee shop with a bunch of successful fashion bloggers you admire, and picking their brains.  Pretty amazing.

The book is broken down into 4 main sections:

  • Planning
  • Content
  • Relationship
  • Revenue

Each topic is addressed in great detail. The planning, and content sections are the usual basics of blogging with an emphasis on setting goals and having a plan. She is a strong believer in having a vision, and knowing where you are going.  It seems like goals are extremely important to her.

The real gold of the book comes in the latter two sections. The relationship sections is truly eye-opening. The opportunities that can emerge from fashion blogging are amazing, and seem endless. This section speaks to the kinds of companies that will begin to reach out to you, and the nature of the relationships that you can build with them.  After you put in the work to build your fashion blog audience, you could be taking calls from major PR firms representing brands you have always wanted to work with.

She also emphasizes that you have to maintain your professionalism at all times. Relationships are extremely important in the fashion world, but she recommends moving cautiously, and not just jumping into bed with anyone.  Don’t compromise your integrity for money, or to work with one of your favorite brand.  She provides very sensible advice.

The final section focuses on how you can monetize your blog, and once again she provides comprehensive, realistic and practical advice on how to build a real long-term business. You walk away knowing how you can one day make money from your blog if you follow the right steps.

Yuli comes across more a business woman than a fashion blogger, and that is extremely useful for a book like this.  The book is a great combination of the glamour, with the practicalities of building a thriving business.

There are plenty of books on blogging in general, but there are hardly any that tackle fashion blogging specifically, and that alone makes this book a real gem.

Fashion 2.0 Book Cover Fashion 2.0
Yuli Ziv
Business & Economics
Createspace Independent Pub
Jul 1 2011

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