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How do bloggers make money?

how do bloggers make money

How do bloggers make money?  After you’ve created original great content consistently, built good relationships with other bloggers in your niche, promoted your blog extremely well, and gained an audience, there are numerous ways that you can make money as a blogger.  Before we get ahead of ourselves, there is a lot of work required to build up an audience for your blog before you can hope to make money, so be realistic.

How do bloggers make money?

Google Adsense

The first option that many bloggers use to make money on their blog is Google Adsense. Google Adsense provides contextual advertising, which means the ads are related to the words that are in your articles.  If someone clicks on the links in the ad, you make money from the click. Your site needs loads of traffic for this strategy to work.

Advertising Networks

If you prefer banner advertising, you can apply to join one, or several advertising networks that can provide banner advertising on your website.  The advertising networks have relationships with numerous advertisers, and the advertisers choose whether or not they want to advertise on your site.  Similar to Adsense, the ads usually will be related to the topic of your posts.

Some of the popular advertising networks are:

Direct Advertising Sales

Another option is to create an ‘advertise with us’ page on your blog, and potentially a media kit so that you can sell ads directly to potential advertisers.  Depending on your niche, and the popularity of your website, this could potentially be a very good income source.  As I stated earlier, all of the money that you generate from your site will be driven by how big of an audience you have built.

Here are some links to advertising pages, media kit examples, and resources:

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is where you recommend, or review products on your site. When you create content recommending a product, you place a coded link to the online store that sells the product. When a visitor on your site clicks one of these links, visits the online store and makes a purchase, that online store will pay you a percentage of the transaction.  If your site has built up authority, and trust in your niche, then your audience will trust your recommendations, and may purchase things based on your advice.

Consulting / Services

Blogging is a perfect way to build an online reputation, and this reputation can make selling your business services a lot easier. People use blogs to help them land consulting gigs, writing jobs, and a wide variety of other types of work. You have to pay it forward by creating helpful content that is useful to your target audience.  These efforts build goodwill, and helps lower potential clients reservations about hiring you.

If you can establish thought leadership, authority, credibility, and trust, selling becomes much easier.

Online Courses

Are you a subject matter expert? Then create an online course, or program.  You can utilize sites such as udemy to house your course. They handle taking payments, and the marketing since they already have brand recognition, and an audience.  Udemy is primarily focused on video courses. You can also make courses out of different types of content such as email courses via aweber.

Here are a few articles that discuss different ways to make online courses:

Books / ebooks

If you solve problems, it can make you rich. Books and ebooks are yet another way that you can make money online. Through blogging, and interacting with you audience, you will get to understand your target audience better.  Often times, your visitor’s comments will give you ideas about what things they would like to know more about.  As your audience knowledge grows, you can use this knowledge to craft products that specifically cater to their needs, and solves their problems.

You can sell you books through your site, a product specific website, or you can partner with Amazon to market your book. If you are selling an ebook, you can get affiliates to market your product for you by listing your ebook on ClickBank.  If you choose to go this route, you have to create a great landing page that really convinces people to buy your book.  Reviews on Amazon along with testimonials can help.

Brand Campaigns

Especially in the fashion industry, brands like to partner with bloggers to help them execute campaigns for the products.  Sometimes brands will take over the background of your site, or leverage your instagram, or facebook following.  A good example would be a new movie taking over the wallpaper behind your site, and filling all of the advertising spots on your site with their ads.  Sometimes brands will also execute social media campaigns where they have bloggers create videos, or written content that ties in with their campaign.  The money from these promotions can be very lucrative if your blog has a big audience, and traffic profile.

Sponsored Content

This could fit under brand campaigns, but I thought it warranted its own section.  Sometimes brands will partner with you to produce sponsored blog posts on your site. The amount of work you have to put in can vary from deal to deal.  The more work you put it, the more you should expect to get paid for your effort.  It is a good idea to come up with a rate sheet, so that at least in your mind you have an idea what you would like to be paid.  You don’t necessarily have to share your rate sheet with potential partners.  Be sure you disclose your relationship with sponsors to not mislead your readers, and do not compromise your integrity just for money.

These are the opportunities you can build for yourself once you have built up a strong online media property, or blog. There might be a few other options, but this should address how do bloggers make money for the most part.  Make sure to continually create great content, pay it forward, and strive to give your audience exactly what the want.  Do these things, and you will be on your way to a 6 figure income, or more.

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