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How to earn money online: passion

how to earn money online

How to earn money online? You have to have passion. I struggled for the right word to indicate the driving force required to build a successful online business. Was it passion, or excitement, enthusiasm, love, pleasure, joy, fun, or just plain obsession? The gist of the matter is that any sort of success is a marathon, not a sprint, and something has to fuel the continued effort that is required to build success in life, and online.  This is the foundation of how to earn money online.

how to earn money onlineThe number one ingredient to earn money online is passion, pleasure, joy, enthusiasm, and fun. All of these words fit the basic essence of what I mean. Success needs fuel; consistent effort predicated on pleasure.

Everyone that I’ve studied over the past 8 years that makes over $100,000.00 a year, or even each month online has been consistent, and dedicated to their online business. The really enjoy what they are doing. They don’t start out saying that I want to make a $100,000.00 online. They start out with something that they love to chat about. Consistency is essential to succeed online, and you will not have this key ingredient if you don’t enjoy your niche.

Almost every single online success story begins with a person doing something for fun, and them continuing until something blossomed.

Often they did not succeed with their first website. Along the path they might start out with one idea, and then the website lays dormant because they lacked the driving force that kept them coming back to the project. After trying and often failing to come back to the old idea, they happen upon something new organically, and magically their enthusiasm for the new idea never wanes. Three to five years later they have a thriving online business with what seems like endless opportunities.

Something has to keep bringing you back to your website over and over again to do the work that is required to build a successful online brand. That one thing is pleasure, and passion.  That is how to earn money online; operate in your passion.

So many people try to make money online, and fail. They copy someone else’s idea, or do something because they think it is lucrative. They struggle to produce content, or what they produce is unoriginal, and derivative. These failures then say that it is too hard to make money online. They have so many excuses. I have heard them all. You would have had to start 5 years ago, or 10 years ago. You can’t build a successful online business now. They always have an excuse why it won’t or can’t work.

My response is always that there will be a story of someone that started an online business today that is rich in the next three to five years. There really are no excuses. Every single year there are new success stories from people that recently started an online business.

Start with something that you already love. What do you think about all of the time? What do you always want to talk about? What do you always read about? I am always bugging my friends about how cool it is to make money online. I always talk about not having to work for anyone else ever again. Most of them have no clue what I am talking about, or they cannot fathom how to make it work. They see it as impossible, so they continue along their mundane lives of punching a time clock to make someone else rich.

Facebook started out as a fun project. So did Plenty of Fish. Blogs like Pinch of Yum, or Where Did U Get That, and ProBlogger started out as hobbies that led to over $100,000.00 annual incomes, and financial freedom for the founders. They all started not knowing if, and how they would ever make any money.

The lesson learned from years of studying successful online entrepreneurs is to do what gives you the most pleasure, and enjoyment. Let your passion be the driving force behind your success.  This enthusiasm will spill over and help you resonate with your audience. The pleasure will keep you coming back and creating valuable content or products that your audience loves. Something has to make you consistently work on your business, and enjoyment it critical.  This really is the foundation of how to earn money online.  There are no shortcuts to make money online.

Online success is all about starting with something that you truly enjoy writing about, and developing products that your audience will love. It is passion. Follow your pleasure. If you don’t enjoy what you are doing, there is no way that you will dedicate the two to five years that is required to build something amazing.  How to earn money online?  Find your passion.

If you follow your passion, an audience and success will follow.

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