How to find your passion?

How to find your passion

How to find your passion? This is a question that just about everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives. To some people, finding their passion came naturally, while others struggle with this question almost eternally.

How do you find your passion? Are you already there, or is the struggle in progress? According to Denis Diderot, “Only passions, great passions, can elevate the soul to great things.” I have to say that this sounds like something I absolutely must have in my life. How about you? Just reading that quote makes me take a moment to reconsider if what I am currently doing with my life is my true passion. How about you?

Let’s define passion: A thing arousing great enthusiasm. In other words, excitement. This is the real guidepost to discovering your ultimate passion. What arouses the greatest enthusiasm, and excitement in you?

The struggle is that people who don’t know what their passion is feel lost, and they have often gone on so long without passion that they have no clue how to really be passionate again. They know that something just doesn’t feel right, but they have no idea what to do next.  If you were lost in the wild, what would you do? I say you would explore and try to discover your way, and the process of finding your passion is no different. You must explore life more if you haven’t yet discovered your passion.  You need more new experiences.

What is holding you back?

The first hurdle is the tendency to conform to what society finds acceptable. You always wanted to be an entrepreneur, but it was safer for you to become an accountant, so your growth stopped there.

The second hurdle is that you are sitting around waiting for your passion to come to you. You’re sitting there thinking I wish I had a passion. What is my passion? Passion is something you do, not think. The answer is not in your head; it is in life, and living. Go out into life, and explore.

If you are lost without a map, you have to explore to find your way.

The path to the discovery of your passion begins with an exploration of your curiosities.  The path to finding your passion is rarely a straight road.  It is often a winding journey with many stops, and surprises along the way.  You have to allow for serendipity and synchronicity to unfold.  You have to accept that this is the natural process.

Don’t try to jump to the end.  It is an exercise in futility.  Don’t try to predict the future.  Let the process unfold naturally, and allow yourself the freedom to just explore life again.  Keep following your curiosities, and seek out your highest levels of enthusiasm and excitement.

When you listen to success stories from famous people, you always hear that they were experimenting and exploring something, and it led them to discovering their passion. There is always an exploration involved. You never hear I was laying in bed, and boom my passion popped into my head.  Passion is doing.

What scares people away is that they have to actually make an effort. What if I go in the wrong direction? What if I waste my time? What if I look silly? It does not matter. The exploration is the way, and every step gets you closer, and along the way you do things you want to do.  There is no other way.  People that discover their life’s passion might experiment with 20 things along the way, examining every curiosity until the pleasure fades, and starting over again until finally finding something where the passion, excitement, and enthusiasm never fades.

Remember when you were a child, and just explored life, and followed your curiosity. Do it again now. Remember back to when you fell in love with something, explored it for months, grew tired of it, and then moved on to something else? Sounds like a relationship, doesn’t it?

Passions in life is like passion in love. Keep searching until the love and passion doesn’t fade.

Staying with what you already know is less scary than taking a brand new leap of faith, and jumping back out there. You choose something to do that could pay your bills.  I understand.  You have a lifestyle to maintain.  We all go there, but do we just exist to pay bills? Or is there something more? Only you can answer that.

Stop thinking, and start doing more doing. Have fun, and enjoy the process. Along the journey of exploring one curiosity to the next you will find your passion, and along the way, you will be experiencing things that bring you joy.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Fill you life with great new experiences. Meet, and talk to passionate people, take interesting classes, go to new places, then spend some time alone and reflect. Sometimes this alone time allows you mindfulness where you can reflect on your experiences. Did you feel that surge of energy and enthusiasm? Where you excited more than you have been in years? Your natural instincts are returning. Keep going!

Experiment. Play with one thing to the next until you find what really turns you on. Along the way you will discover your authentic self, and find something that expresses who you really are. Who are you really? When you are at work, do you feel authentic, or do you feel like an actor following along to someone elses script?

How to find your passion? Explore your curiosities, and follow your excitement, and enthusiasm until you discover what truly turns you on. If you lose enthusiasm, move on, and keep searching. Give yourself the permission to explore life again as you did in childhood, and one day you passion, and enthusiasm for life will awaken again.

Play with one thing to the next until you find what really turns you on.

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