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How to start a fashion blog

how to start a fashion blog

How to start a fashion blog?  I recently started my own fashion blog,, and it has been an interesting journey to say the least.  | always wanted to say to people that I am a fashion blogger, but I could never find an angle that worked for me, and my personality.  

how to start a fashion blog postI am not like Bryanboy where I blog about my fabulous lifestyle, and all of the cool places, and people I am meeting.  That is not my style.  I am more laid back, and I don’t enjoy being front and center.

I like men’s fashion, but my personal style instincts are fairly narrow, and would be very limiting for a fashion blog.  I started a men’s fashion site, but I lost momentum.  It was hard trying to figure out what other men would like to wear, and it was hard to blog about certain styles that were not appealing to me personally.

I cannot blog about all of the goings-on in the fashion industry because I am not all that interested.  I worked as a fashion photographer for a number of years, and found fashion people interesting to interact with, but not people I wanted to report on.  

Quite frankly, working as a photographer made me totally lose my love for photography, and the fashion industry.  I hated shooting cliche work for clients.  It was so limiting and uninspiring.  It took something I loved, and absolutely ruined it.  I sold all of my photography equipment, and didn’t even own a camera for years.  

I realized that I am an artist, not a commercial artist.  I should have kept it as a hobby.  I used to tell people that photography is how I breathe, so I guess I haven’t been breathing for a decade.

Anyway, I had given up on ever being able to say that I am a fashion blogger. That is until I was doing research for an article on this site.  

I recently wrote an article titled ‘15 Best Street Style Blogs on the Planet.’  The people behind the street style blogs awakened something in me, and they made me want to explore the streets, and randomly approach people to take their photograph.  I was amazed at the level of notoriety, and accolades they received from pursuing a hobby.  Many of them started as amateurs, and ended up shooting for magazines like Vogue, and GQ, going to fashion week, and being invited to VIP events.  I found this truly amazing.  

I used to be a starving artist hustling to get clients, and here were people doing something for fun, and it turned into something amazing with great perks, and opportunities.  Some of them are rumored to make up to $10,000.00 a day during fashion week, or $1000.00 per published photograph.  It is like the fashion photography world had been turned on it’s head.  Put yourself out there as an amateur just for fun, and watch the money, and fame come to you.  I was truly amazed, and intrigued.  

Being a starving artist was no fun.  You had to really work to find clients.  Now, in my short career as a street style photographer, I have been offered photo-shoots, model shoots, shoots for musicians, events gigs, and collaborations with 2 or 3 fashion designers.  It blows my mind.  All of this in less than a month!

The accolades, and perks no longer matter to me.  Been there, and done that, but the idea of photography purely for the fun of it made me pick up my camera again after putting it down for over 9 years.  My love of photography is cautiously returning.  I don’t want to spoil it by trying to make money with it.  I am just doing it for fun.

Now I proudly proclaim to absolute strangers that I am a fashion blogger, I like your style, and  can I photograph you for my fashion blog?  I have to chuckle inside every time I introduce myself that way.  My fashion blog is

Finally becoming a fashion blogger has been a great adventure.  

In this article, I will walk you through the steps I took to get my blog up and running.  I will show you how to start a fashion blog.  The first step is figuring out your approach to fashion blogging.  There a few different angles that people take with their fashion blogs.

How to start a fashion blog: Choose an approach to fashion blogging

How to start a fashion blog: Personal Style Blogs

Some of the most popular fashion blogs are personal style blogs.  Usually an attractive female photographs herself on a frequent basis on the streets of her city.  It is almost a cliche to say that the photographer is her boyfriend.  People like these types of blogs because the person is interesting to look at, and they have something distinct about what they wear that makes them stand out.  If you have a great sense of style, and enjoy expressing yourself, this could be the route for you.

Example: – Karen Blanchard is one of my personal favorite fashion bloggers.  She is fearless.

How to start a fashion blog: Niche specialist blogs

Pick an area of fashion that you truly love, and blog about it.  Corporette, for example, focuses on fashion for successful corporate women that want to show a great sense of style at work.

Another example is College Fashion which focuses on trends, and style that is relevant for college students.

By focusing on a niche it makes it very easy for your audience to know what your site is about, and for them to relate to your brand.

There are all sorts of niches that you can go after such as bargain style, street style, petite wear, luxury goods, vintage, or specific styles like goth, or hipster.  If you have a distinct sort of style that you love, follow that passion, and create a niche site that helps others with the same style aesthetic.

Hypebeast specialize in street fashion, and they have grown a very large audience.


How to start a fashion blog: Lifestyle blogs

Byranboy is the prime example of a lifestyle fashion blogger.  He has sort of inserted himself into the fashion industry.  His blog is more of a daily journal that details his interaction with the fashion world.  I think that this is a unique angle, and I don’t see it often replicated at his level of success.  Due to the success of his blog he has become a fashion insider.  

Maybe your blog can express your love for fashion as you go on your shopping trips, try on new outfits, and report on cool events, and people that you meet.


How to start a fashion blog: Street style photography blog

This is the approach that I choose.  People tend to be very visual, and love things like Instagram.  You roam the streets of your city, stop people whose style you like, and you take photographs of them which you post on your website.  This can be really fun because you meet loads of interesting people.  Coming up with a great photograph is also exhilarating.  I love looking at my pictures as I make my way back home after a long day of roaming the streets.


How to start a fashion blog:  Report the news

News sites are some of the most popular blogs on the Internet.  If you look at any listing on the top blogs from around the world, news blogs will be prominently featured on the list.  Are you really tied into the pulse of what is going on in the fashion industry, or would you like to be?  Maybe you can take a reporting slant to fashion, and report the news.  A great example of this is

I have just covered the more common approaches to fashion blogging.  Which one works for you?

Now that you have picked an approach, let’s move on to getting your blog setup.

How to start a fashion blog: Choose a domain name

What you name your site will be the first impression that people get when they first visit your blog, or you mention it to someone else.  Naming is very important; it makes sense to take some time to find a name that really works for you.  Some people like to rush this process.  Slow down, and find something creative that fits with your personality.  Try to keep it short, and memorable.  People like to say that all of the good domain names are gone.  I disagree.  Just think laterally, and be creative.

There are tools that can help you through the process. combines words you enter for you. does interesting combinations with any word that you enter.  These tools can really speed up the naming process.

Before you get too excited about name, make sure that the name is not already registered.  In addition, I like to make sure I can have the same name on all of the major social networks. is a great tool to make sure that the domain, and social usernames are all available.

I wrote a much more in-depth article on how to choose a domain name.  The article gives a comprehensive approach to naming your online business.

How to start a fashion blog: Buy your domain name(s)

Once you have come up with a great name, head on over to, and register your names.  I recommend you get the .net, .org, and any other domain extensions you can afford.  It would suck to work years to build your brand, and then have someone copy your idea on a .org with the same name as your site.  You have to protect your brand.

How to start a fashion blog: Get Hosting

When starting a blog, or website, you need somewhere online to store all of the files for your site.  That is where hosting comes in.  You website host will store all of your content, and images.  I personally recommend Hostmonster for your website hosting.  They have a good reputation, and are very reliable.

How to start a fashion blog:  Setup WordPress

WordPress is the gold standard when it comes to blogging.   WordPress is a content management system, which is a fancy way of saying that it stores all of your blog posts, and images.  A content management system is an essential.   WordPress is easy to use, and has all of the functionality you could ever need.  There is no point looking anywhere else for a blogging solution.

If you have a little technical skill, use the video below to get WordPress setup on hostmonster:

If you are not tech savvy, you will have to find a friend, or use sites like fiverr, or elance to enlist some help.

How to start a fashion blog: Get a logo design

If you have some design skills, you can design a logo yourself.  Take the time to invest in a professional logo design.  People make decisions about websites very quickly, so make the best first impression you can.  If you can’t design a logo yourself, you can try out sites like fiverr, and elance.  Be sure to make sure the person you select has designed logos that fit your style before, and that they have good reviews from their past clients.

How to start a fashion blog: Choose a design for your website

You almost have everything you need to start blogging.  The last thing is picking some style for your website.  Along with your logo, the theme for your website is important to make the best first impression with your audience.  I recommend to get your themes.  Their themes are fairly priced, they look great, and they have a good selection.  Head on over and then select WordPress from the menus.  Once you are there, you can use the left sidebar to further narrow down your choices.  Here is a link to their fashion blog themes: Fashion themes

Here is a tutorial on installing a WordPress theme.

How to start a fashion blog: Start blogging

Now you are ready to go.  Based on the fashion blogging approach you choose in the first section, it is time to start creating content.  Post things that are fun for you, and explore your passion.  Most of your blogging education will come from doing.  The more you experiment doing posts, the quicker you will find out what you like talking about the most, what your audience really likes, and the types of content that makes people share it the most.

Here is a tutorial on creating your first blog post:

Don’t forget to look at sites that are like yours for inspiration, and ideas about what types of posts you should include.  Remember to constantly evolve your blog.  It should continue to improve over the years.

How to start a fashion blog: Wrapping up

Basically, this is the journey I took to setup up my fashion blog.  I can now officially say that I am a fashion blogger.  Have you followed the steps yet?  Are you a fashion blogger?

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