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Success Story: Lisa Irby the successful affiliate marketer

Lisa Irby Success Story successful affiliate marketer

I want to share an online success story about someone that I have admired for years. I first became acquainted with Lisa Irby, from Texas, around 2007, and I have been a fan ever since. I came across her through Google searches as I sought out information about how to make a living online. She delivered down-to-earth advice without spewing the sort of hype that a lot of online gurus tend to produce. She genuinely seems to want to add value, and help people. She is not trying to lead you into thinking that you can make money quick by buying one of her products. I admire that she is totally herself, shows her authentic self, and constantly pays it forward.

Lisa Irby the successful affiliate marketerLisa made her first dollar online in the late 90s while she was attending college. One day she got a spam email that talked about making money online, and that piqued her interest.  That curiosity led her to explore ways to make money on the Internet, and learning the tools of the trade.  While she was supposed to be studying for exams, Lisa would be in the library trying to figure out the ins and outs of HTML to develop her own websites.

Lisa began developing websites that pointed to affiliate links on Amazon, and began to get enough small successes to become really enthusiastic about what she was doing.  She started to get small checks for around $15.00 to $20.00.  Her enthusiasm about what she was learning spilled over to her trying to share what she was learning with her friends, but her friends were less than impressed by her $15.00 checks.

She ended her college education with a degree in Business Management, and took a job in Human Resources, which she found less than inspiring. Even while having a day job, Lisa continued to work on her websites. Her approach at the time was to develop numerous small sites, and to try to make money from advertising, or affiliate products. The results was tons of websites.

Her small site approach was becoming more and more lucrative, and she started to consider what she should do about her day job, and her websites. Before the dot com crash she got up to an impressive income of $20,000.00 in 2000, but was only making $6,000.00 after the crash in 2001.  Based on this turn of events, she decided to stick with a 9 to 5 for the time being. Lisa is very frugal, and makes well-considered financial situations.

Instead of staying in a job she did not like, she used all of the website development skills to land a job doing web work for a major airline.

In 2002 she decided to shift her focus away from making a lot of smaller sites to building one main site that could become an authority in its field. This site is what we know today as

Her small sites were plagued by traffic, and income that were constantly going up and down.  The emphasis shifted to building something that she could grow into a brand, and provide more stability.

The site grew and she started monetizing the site through affiliate links for website hosting. Hosting affiliate programs tend to have very high commissions, which makes them very lucrative.

Four years after starting she had quadrupled the income she was making at her day job. Some of her coworkers began questioning why she was still working for someone else, but she stuck to her financially responsible approach until she was totally comfortable with the decision.

After discussions with her family, she finally decided to leave her job in 2006. She has been an Internet marketer ever since.

Since going full-time she has tried several websites, and approaches. Some have worked, and others have not fared as well. She makes the majority of her income through hosting affiliate programs, and from her hosting reseller website: She adds some great give aways to entice people to use her hosting company like her WP Starter Guide ebook.

Another source of her income is from She was making a little at first with Spotify.  Around $30.00 a month, but things soon changed. One fall day the affiliate manager for Spotify contacted her, and upgraded her to a better commission structure that increased her income 10 fold overnight without an increase in website traffic. Based on this experience, she recommends negotiating with companies to get the best possible commission structure.

Another way that she makes money is by partnering with affiliate programs that offer residual income. These types of programs keep paying you when your referrals renew, or continue as a customer with the affiliate company. Some of these affiliate companies are,, and All of these companies have residual income affiliate programs. is another example of a company that offers a similar program. has also provided Lisa another way to monetize her websites through their print on demand services. She submits designs to the website, picks out products she wants them printed on, and then markets the products to potential customers. She has a line of t-shirts that she markets on her natural hair care website

Lisa also has digital products such as ebooks, online courses on, and has been working on a membership program for her loyal fans.

Lisa found something she loves doing, and built it into something amazing. Lisa is not the type of blogger who publishes monthly income reports, but based on her years of experience, I would guess she is at least making a six figure income.

Lisa attributes her success to luck, timing, and passion. The niches she picked were trending when she picked them, and she has a real passion for the work that she is doing. Lisa is one of the first people that got me excited about making a living online, and is a true inspiration.  Please take the time to check out her websites, videos, podcasts, products, and courses.

Lisa owns and runs the following websites:

You can find the WP Starter Guide at:

You can also find her online courses at:

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