Successful Social Media Marketing in a Week by Nick Smith | Book Review

Successful Social Media Marketing in a Week by Nick Smith

Are you interested in the basics of social media marketing?  For a quick overview,  Successful Social Media Marketing in a Week by Nick Smith provides a good start.

The book definitely has its good points: It is well organized, it covers the basics really well, it gives a good base of social media knowledge, and it can easily be digested in far less than a week.  Just be forewarned that you will not walk away from the book as a social media expert. The book is definitely targeted for the absolute beginner.

The book is organized into sections with the assumption that you will go through the whole book in just one week. If you are a decent reader, you will probably do each day’s section in about 30 minutes to an hour. The book starts on Sunday, and takes you through the following Saturday.

The book is broken down into the following sections and days:

Sunday: An introduction to social media

Monday: Successful social media case studies

Tuesday: Getting started with social media marketing

Wednesday: Phase 1 – Setting up your social media marketing

Thursday: Phase 2 – Setting up your social media marketing

Friday: Creating quality content

Saturday: Managing, monitoring and scaling up

The book is sprinkled with helpful statistics and demographics for most of the social media sites.  Do’s and don’ts of social media marketing are very well covered. It drives home the point repeatedly that creating valuable content should be your primary goal.  The emphasis should be on building relationships with real people rather than just pushing your product.  Social Media Marketing in a Week also does a good job of providing a few tools and resources that can aid a social media marketing campaign. 

Another strong point for the book is helping you setup your social media profiles to get up and going as quickly as possible. It also cover setting up your profile images to make the best visual first impression.

You are also given plenty of little tweaks that are specific to each social network.  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Pinterest are covered in detail.

Probably the most interesting section of the book is the successful social media marketing case studies section. Unfortunately, this section of the book is fairly short.

Due to the purpose, and the design of the book, the sections of the book are fairly brief, and the coverage can at times feel very limited. This is both good and bad. I am sure that some readers will enjoy the briefness, and you will never feel overwhelmed by the information that is given.  On the other hand, you may walk away feeling that you don’t really have all the answers to really implement a successful social media campaign.

Overall, it was a interesting and enjoyable read, but at times I felt there was not quite enough meat to make the book as valuable as possible. I was left wanting just a little bit more.

Successful Social Media Marketing in a Week Book Cover Successful Social Media Marketing in a Week
Nick Smith
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