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What to blog about for new and existing blogs

What to blog about

Are you trying to figure out what to blog about?  Have you lost your inspiration?  Today, I am in one of those moods where I don’t want to write the next article on my list.  It is like my internal voice, or compass has disappeared. Where is my enthusiasm?  We all have moments like these.  

What to blog aboutWhen you you write about a topic for weeks on end, you can sometimes lose your way and, lose some of your enthusiasm for your niche.  Sometimes you have to write from your heart, and not from a content plan, or keyword list.

I think this question comes in two varieties.  There are people that don’t have a blog at all and are trying to figure out where to start, and there are those that are already blogging, but they have run out of things to talk about, or just feel uninspired.  

I will address both of these situations, and give you some of my thoughts on what to blog about.

What to blog about if you haven’t started your blog yet

If you haven’t started your blogging journey yet, then you need to do some soul searching.  I am motivated more by passion than revenue, so I always suggest that people identify where there passion lies, and start there.  Blogging is hard, and lonely most of the time.  You have to really love your niche.

What to blog aboutDon’t just pick a topic because you think it is popular, or lucrative.  I have wasted far too much time going after what I thought was lucrative versus what I can enjoy blogging about year in, and year out.  Without passion, I failed.  There was no fuel to propel the idea forward.

What do you think about all of the time?  What really excites you?  Which topics make you the most excited when you talk about them?  What are your hobbies, or favorite things to do in your free time?  I suggest that you follow your enthusiasms.

These are the true indicators of what you should blog about.  Building a profitable blog is hard work.  You have to dedicate years of your life to writing about your topic before it pays off.  I believe in working in a joyful way, and that the profit will follow.

Your love for the topic is the only thing that will keep you going.

I have already covered how to find your passion.  I think passion is the only place you should start.

I read over a few articles related to this topic, and one piece of advice really stood out.  

Find a topic that is a combination of the following:

  1. Passion
  2. Something you know a lot about, or want to learn about
  3. Is monetizable

This is very sound advice.  It starts with passion.  

This site is about people that are creating a laptop lifestyle for themselves.  The recurring theme for the majority of them is that they started their website out of love for a hobby.  I am following the same approach, and I think you should too.

What to blog about if you already have a blog

I learned through experience that you need to blog about what your audience cares about, and there is no better way than doing keyword research.  You see exactly what your audience is searching for in Google, and exactly what they want to know.

What to blog about: Keyword research

Go to the Google Adwords keyword tool and do some research on keyword phrases that are related to your topic.  Enter the main topics for your blog, and see what comes out.

Be creative, and think about other keywords related to your main keywords.  As you go through the keyword lists, ideas for blog posts should jump out at you.  You will find keyword phrases that start with ‘how to’, and others that ask questions.  These are great foundations for articles because you are solving people’s problems.

Hopefully, some of the keyword phrases you find are about things that you can get excited about.  The excitement makes it easier to produce really good content.

What to blog about: Be yourself

Sometimes, tell a story.  Share a personal experience, or personal thoughts about your topic.  Step away from the content plan, and keywords.  Blogging is a way for us to express ourselves.  Sometimes we need to explore that freedom.  You never know what is going to resonate the most with your audience, so try something different to awaken your creative juices.

We can get in ruts where we are producing the same type of content with the same types of titles and layout.  Mix it up, play, and have fun.  Talk about something that you usually would not.  Be creative, share your thoughts, and find your passion again.

What to blog about: Look at the competition

Another option is to go to other blogs in your niche and see what they are talking about.  Maybe you can go into more detail about one of the subjects they already covered, or you can write a response to one of their posts.  

Use tools like Buzzsumo to find their most popular posts.  Buzzsumo is also a great tool to find out what is trending in your niche.  Just go the site and enter some of your keywords.  There are filters by the last 24 hours, last week, and more.  Catching a trending topic can help drive traffic to your website, and could be fun.

Tailor the topics you pick to what you are enthusiastic about.  I think it is important to customize your blog to your personality, so find topics that resonate with you the most.  Write about what you love so that it comes across in your words.

What to blog about: Question and answer sites

Check out sites like Quora, or Yahoo Answers and look for questions that are relevant to your niche.  Are they really being answered?  I find that there is a lot of misinformation on Yahoo Answers.  Give more in-depth answers that really help people.

Are you seeing a certain type of question being asked over, and over again?  Maybe you can write the definitive answer, and share it with these communities.

What to blog about: Forums

Approach forums in a similar manner to the question and answer sites.  This is another great resource for getting inspiration.  Unique insights about your audience will develop over time by frequently visiting these types of sites.

What to blog about: Wrapping up

When figuring out what to blog about I think that the most important thing is to find the intersection of what you are passionate about, and what your audience wants.  Combine passion, and keyword research.  Whether you are just starting out, or you already have a blog, you need to know what your audience really cares about.

Just because it pops up in your keyword research does not mean you should always write about it.  I firmly believe each person’s blog can be a reflection of their best, and most energetic interests.  Don’t force yourself to be like other bloggers, or write about topics you loathe.

If you don’t have a topic picked out yet, keyword research also helps you determine if there is any demand for what you want to to talk about.  There is no point putting a lot of effort into a blog that has no chance of succeeding, unless you are doing it strictly for fun, or self expression.

My approach to figuring out what to blog about is to understand my internal voice, and motivations, and then figuring out how my unique perspective can help, or entertain someone else.  

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    Thanks for the insight Roger! Reading this article has really taken a lot of pressure off of me when it comes to blogging. Thanks for sharing the resources as well!

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